Privacy statement

Based on the european GDPR we offer our privacy statement based on our services. We only proces the details that are important to providing escort service. Think of booking by phone, by a website or when you apply for work in the escort business. These details will only be used for the sole purpose of our business, and discarded once business has bin done.

The details that are processed are only details related to our business, and will be discarded after use. Our website does not store any cookies and processes personal details such as online booking, very discrete. By the use of HTTPS we ensure that the connection from and to our website is fully secured. We do not store any details online on our website, as this violates anyone's privacy. It's rather temporarily stored offline and discarded once business has bin done.

If you have any questions related to our services, do not hassitate to contact us. We will find a proper sollution for any of your questions. We are a licenced escort agency. You can find our permit on our website.